Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From Extremism to Communism

When I was a young girl.. which admittedly was a very long time ago... cycling in my home town Karachi was not a big deal. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my biking adventures. Sadly that option is not really available to young girls in Pakistan any longer and perhaps even for boys due to the alarming security situation these days. So it was such a joy to be in a country where taking one's bicycle out is a completely normal thing to do for anyone.

What's more... I am loving fasting here. In Pakistan everyone wants to know " are you fasting" .. its not even considered a rude question. Whether I choose to fast or not is no one's business as that is between God and myself alone.. and here I am in Vietnam... people around me are oblivious to the holy month of fasting... they are eating around us.. no one is forcing anyone to not eat in public.. no one  is closing down eateries for the day.. which makes fasting so much more of a personal conviction as opposed to peer  or social pressure. And its delightfully freeing.

Also no one cares what you wear. You are not judged by whether you wear sleeves on your outfit or not... you are free to choose to wear what you will ... no one stares.. no one judges... Today I was hit with the sobering thought that Vietnam in so many ways was more muslim than Pakistan.. the Land of the Pure... where we have made judging and condemning a national pastime.

Had another breakthrough today. Got back to the gym. Yes it was tough.. but went as soon as I was done with Iftari because I knew once I zombied out in front of the television there was no way I was going to make it across. So proud of myself. Have to thank my friend George Fulton for being my fitness Jiminy Cricket and reminding me that Ramzan was not an excuse to slack off :)

That coupled with a picture on Facebook of the trainers at gym got me moving. Choosing a gym is not as easy as walking into a space with nice looking machines. I think its really important to see what kind of people run the gym. And I am so lucky to have found the gym for me. Met some fantastic trainers... John and Diana Prineas along with Lisa Truong do a great job of kicking ass when they need to :) Cyril is an ex boxer and I am trying to get my fitness level up to the point where I will be able to withstand the punishment I KNOW he will mete out. ...and for someone like me... a good kick is what is needed from time to time.

Heard from my sister today.. she is actually one of my dearest friends but like a sister... who had recently hired a trainer back home... and she has now lost 23lbs to date!! Wow... feeling overwhelmed completely . There are days when I just don't have the energy or will power to go in.. but as John patiently explained to me... come in anyway... if only for 20 mins... you will feel better for it. So for now will try to take his advice and  hope that I will be able to announce on my blog soon about how much weight I have lost. Have to watch those Iftaris though...heheheheh

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Maha Khan said...

I hate exercise but well done for making it to gym