Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glorious weekend ... and Puri CONQUEST

So the weekend was kind of looking bleak till I happend on a small article in The Word... which is kind of the Vietnamese version of Timeout... and read about comedy night happening at Bernie's Bar & Grill.  Since my husband and I hadn't really done much as far as city life was concerned, I thought it would be a great idea for us to get out and have a nice evening on the town

When we first entered I wasn't sure what to expect as the show was to begin at 9 pm and we got there 8:55 so was expecting quite a crowd. We managed to find seats pretty easily and made our way to them at the back of the cafe. Jack Perry from New Zealand MC'd the show and kicked off the evening and then the visiting comedian came on Roger Rooney from Australia. It was a good laugh and once we got used to the different accent to the one we are used to hearing.. we were able to really enjoy the show

At one point Roger .. I hope I have  his name right actually reached out to my husband mistaking him for his long lost childhood friend! Hah.. for a second we froze as we thought it was going to be part of his act and we were going to be his punchline...that's the reason we avoided sitting in the front as comedians love to pick on the crowd ... that wasn't the case though :)

A review today. Bernie's Bar & Grill absolutely has the best burger in town... absolutely awesome and if you are in HCMC.. go down there and order the Bernie Burger...totally worth it :)

Now if you are wondering why I am showing food when clearly I am also supposed to be working out to try and lose some weight first up... I take weekends off...its the only thing that keeps me sane when I am punishing my body in the gym and secondly I did make it to the gym before taking my weekend feeling very proud of myself :)

Speaking of feeling proud of myself... remember the Puri debacle? well I have finally conquered it!!!! YES... I was asking myself this morning as I dug into my puri dough why this was so important to me and I think I figured it out. You see for over 20+ years I have been independent and tried to be the best at what I did... and did a fairly good job at that in Pakistan. Then we up and move and now I don't know what I am...or who I am... its really hard. So, if relegating myself to the kitchen is the next natural logical step I want to be the best there too... will be a long journey I can assure you but for now the Puri has been conquered

Sumayya Jamil of pukkapaki fame was very helpful when I tweeted her and asked her advice... and despite the tv chefs insisting on adding flour to the recipe.. she confided in me that NO flour should be added... so the recipe is only semolina flour.. or suji and warm water with a pinch of salt is to be added and kneaded together to make the dough

Well... that was accomplished easily enough. Now when you roll out the dough don't dust your surface with flour as one usually does but use oil instead

simply roll out the dough.. nice and thin but not too thin and unforunately this is something one learns through trial and error as you figure out how much is too much or too little and cut them out

I like to collect them all on a plate and then fry them in one go... I find it makes life easier and I love the streamlining in every aspect of my life anyway... bit of a compulsive moron that way

Now here is the tricky part and again a lesson learned through trial and error... your oil cannot be too hot... or they won't rise... your flame needs to be low to medium and that is the magic temp for the puris to really rise like magic.... I wanted to jump up and hug and kiss Sumayya for this tip... but that is the KEY element here... and if you get the temp right ... this is what magic looks like in a wok

FINALLY!!!!!!! I was so excited at this conquest that I even went ahead and decided to make up a batch of gulab jamans... except... they were hard... I think I didnt' let them fry long enough in the pan.... sigh... another recipe to conquer... but they looked fantastic

For those of you not familiar with these delectable sweet desserts ... the syrup they are floating in is a delicious sugar syrup lightly flavoured with cardemom and of course saffron. 

Next time for entertainment with friends so we made our way down to Parksons and got ourselves tickets for ....

It is a hysterical fun film to watch... HIGHLY politically incorrect so if you are not easily offended... you better get down to the cinema to watch this... really good fun evening was had... the kind of film I wouldn't mind even watching a second time :) Well that's my update for today.. hope you all have a great weekend... see you all soon and do give me feedback ... always lovely to hear from you. And of course if you enjoy my blog... please do share it with others... thanks :)


Unknown said...

Loved reading about "The Puri Conquest"! will definitely try it this way as mine often do mot fluff up like they should!
What an exotic place you are livinv in! looking forward to reading more about HCMC in the future!

Ayeshah Alam Khan said...

thanks Shaista... yes it is a wonderful place I now call home... do try making your puris this way and let me know if it worked for you...

Maha Khan said...

I've never made puris. Will try. Great post. Soon we'll have a Master Chef in Vietnam