Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Friends & The Dark Knight Sank!

I love ASW. I confess I  had heard about it for a long time before I finally actually joined up and so I was a late entrant on the scene. Its kind of a private networking site and so I decided to see if there were any ASW members in Ho Chi Minh to try to connect with some more people and make some friends. And so glad I did.... emailed out... got back a response and lo and behold before I knew it... I was invited to join some fun ladies out to lunch. Of course I couldn't eat... but was very glad for the company

I arrived at The Deck, a well known cafe by the riverside in Thao Dien, Q2. I had eaten there before and I have to say I was secretly relieved I was fasting as my first experience there was memorable in that the food was neither sufficiently portioned nor satisfyingly tasteful. I was there with my husband and children.. teenagers... not young kids ... the reason why I mention this because one critic sang praises of this establishment and was offended by my comments about the restaurant and suggested bringing children here was not appropriate.. oh well.. nonetheless, children or not.. the food didn't impress. But today...was a different story..

I didn't eat but the ladies who were with me seemed to thoroughly enjoy their meal.. so perhaps I will take another trip down and check it out... if you dear reader happen to eat there would love to get your feedback too :)

Anyway the girls and I quickly connected and before long we were chatting nineteen to the dozen...when we were approached by a Japanese gentleman who introduced himself as  a film maker and was shooting something there that morning. We were very happy to be his willing extras... secretly imagining ourselves having a huge fan following in Japan and making millions of dollars in merchandise....

Ok so maybe not... but was an interesting thought nonetheless. As I sat looking at these ladies, looking fit and eating their hearts desire... I was reminded of the gym. Don't know why and i resolved to get down there in the evening... it didn't happen... knees hurting.. now have to figure out a way to work out without injuring the knee further.. and NO this is not an excuse...

starting to panic. My oven doesn't work and I have friends coming by for dinner this weekend. Have no idea what I will have on the menu.. and feeling handicapped without my oven... have to put some thought into this. Am wondering .. will be inspired by Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson for this meal.. Will it be a disaster? have to get a grip... anyone with tips Ideas.. HELP!! meanwhile... tomorrow I go back to the gym... for real. ( I hope)

Oh and finally saw the Dark Knight. I won't give anything away... but this is how  I feel about the Dark Knight

seriously.. totaly waste of time and money and anticipation. The next great film I am looking forward to the The Bourne Legacy... hopefully that won't be as big a disappointment as the batman film. Halfway through I was wishing someone would just kill Batman and put us all out of our misery.

Well that's it for today folks... till we meet again... 

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