Monday, July 23, 2012

New Inventions....sort of.. or making dahi pappri out of a disaster

So there I was chilling on a balmy Sunday morning when I suddenly jumped up and remembered I was fasting... and more importantly today was Sunday which meant no Mrs Chi. Now ordinarily that thought filled me with delight as I enjoy having our home all to ourselves at least once a week. But not today... as today was the day I was going to experiment again. Clearly I have a strong masochistic leaning in my soul...

Shami Kebabs. Many homes in Pakistan have their own recipe. If you have checked out my friend's blog on PukkaPaki you will see her say the same and kindly share her recipe... but I am going to share mine with you which was given to me by sister in law Arji who is an amazing cook herself. Its simple enough. The concept being you sling meat, spices and some other stuff like potatoes and lentils in a pot and boil the life out of it... slop it into little mounds and make kebabs.. and they are delicious. and super easy to make. Let start with the ingredients

500gms/half kilo Veal mince meat ( preferably or you could use beef)
3/4 Cup Daal Channa
a Tbsp of Garlic and Ginger each
Salt, Red Chilli powder, and Garam Masala, all unto your discretion but a desert spoon apprx is enough
1 medium Potato, and water enough to cover all this in a pot and cook on medium heat till the Channa Daal can be squished between your fingers, then dry up all the water in it. Stir and mix often while cooking. Let the dried up cooked Qeema cool, add to your mixer and toss in as much Green Chillies, Fresh Corriander / Mint leaves as desired and do the whole lot till you get a smooth consistency of Kabaab add an egg( if large one, or two small ones but add slowly , you may not need all of it ), mix it in the dough with your hands, after this add bread crumbs (preferably packet available at a bakery or whizz up two slices in your machine) slowly, as much so as to romve the stickiness of the ready dough after the addition of the egg so that one can make small round balls, and flatten them in the palms, size whatever suits them on a tray and freeze them for a few hours, later on toss them all in a Ziplock bag

Sounds simple enough and all went well. But I would like to share some freezing tips. What I have discovered after spending so much money on boxes for freezers to freeze food in .. is that they take up too much space and so I prefer freezer bags. And I like to freeze the kebabs in batches of 6 so its easy enough to pull out a small amount if one needs

Now if you remember the Puri debacle. the one where I ended up with a bag full of papri that I was threatening to bestow upon the general public? Well reason set in and I figured might as well try and do something with them. I remembered going to a wonderful dinner in Karachi before moving to Vietnam and I was served something as an appetizer and so this is my own version of that... 

So if you happen to have "pappri" lying around or want to go ahead and make is a quick easy idea of what to do with them. But assemble these and serve straight away. 

First you get a nice bowl of yoghurt.. you will have to judge for yourself how much you need depending on how many you have... I had quite a few disasters so I have plenty

then chuck in some salt, a pinch of coriander and cumin powder and a nice dose of chilli powder along with half an onion. You could also shred some cabbage in there and use the sweet kind of onion not the acidic sharp kind as that would just leave a bad taste in your mouth... you know.. the white kind. I added that for the flavor and the crunch. Next simply spoon the sauce you have made onto the pappri and .add some tamarind sauce.... and there is something we call Nimco... Indians and Pakistanis LOVE this stuff... the bag I found in Vietnam was an Indian brand and posting a pic here so you know what I mean

sprinkle these on top and Bob's your uncle.. you have a delicious snack... and I am thrilled as I managed to make something really yummy out of yesterday's disaster... feeling quite Master Chefy... perhaps Nigella would want to meet me someday and we could giggle over cups of tea and exchange recipes... sigh...

Oh and one more tip... I'm sure most of you know this but in case you don't... here in HCMC herbs are a tricky thing.. sometimes they are available and sometimes not.. so I went out in a burst of panic and bought up a whole bunch of coriander and mint as those are the two herbs I use a lot. The trouble is when you get them from the grocery store they are usually packed in plastic bags which means by the time you want to use them... they are usually soggy and ... well non usable... so here is a tip I picked up from a wise cook in Karachi. Newspaper... take it out of the plastic.. DON"t wash them till you plan to use them.. and wrap in paper... they will last much longer this way

No plastic... just newspaper and roll it up well and put in your fridge

Voila!! :Your herbs will last a heck of a lot longer this way :)


Unknown said...

Love ur blog! Keep writing! And what an exotic place to move to!!

Ayeshah Alam Khan said...

Thanks. appreciate any feedback :) and Vietnam is FANTASTIC!!

Maha Khan said...

I love All your posts. Wishing you Ramzan Mubarak. Oh and I m reading all your posts.