Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Settling in !

Its been 4 months since my arrival in HCMC. The first week was spent in what is known as District 1 and then I moved to the suburbs of District 2 or more specifically Thao Dien. I have navigated my way through multiple estate agents , learned a smattering of Vietnamese .. with the help of Google Translate and a small phrase book I managed to acquire. Have even managed to make a few friends largely within the Pakistani community and finally received our 40 foot container to unpack into our house. Moving to another country is never easy and with a language barrier... that move is made even further challenging. Between gestures and mostly wrongly prounouced  Vietnamese I managed to get the house sorted out...fired my first maid for entertaining gentlemen in the house when I wasn't  home .. starting to settle in to life in HCMC formerly known as Saigon. And here I am... writing this blog .. partly just to record my experiences and maybe even to offer some help on my reviews of places and things.. and to learn from readers who could offer assistance or tips... An online conversation if you will :)

So this is what I plan to do. As I learn about restaurants, places to shop , recipes I will share them with you here. If you would like to post some too.. please don't be shy :) I shall try to be regular in my postings and maintain a decent enough blog. Thank you for reading 

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