Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to Reality

Now that the gorging over the weekend is over and done with... not to mention my continued gorging since I had discovered these great food trails mentioned in my previous 4 postings... today was finally a day of "normalcy" for me... The week seems to fly by... kids are all grown up and incredibly busy so barely get to see them for an hour or so in the evening when we try and catch up with each other for food stuffed down their gullets before they rush off to bed or back to homework...(I hope) while husband comes home tired after the long day and I'm wondering what happened to my family... all the wonderful quality time we all spent together... the laughter...the fun.. everyone seems to have a life except me... WTH???

So it wast truly time for me to set off and make my own discoveries.. I did what any rational thinking woman would do... I signed up as a volunteer for all kinds of activities at my kids school and I am now a class parent... not sure what that means exactly but will be fun finding out... for me atleast was coffee morning with all the ladies of the PTO and met some interesting people. It is wonderful how many amazing women I have met who were all doing great things before moving here and left everything to be with their spouses... was nice to have a tete a tete with women willing to share from the heart

Once that was done... next step was greeting my new maid. Yes Mrs Chi finally left and we got Mrs Lee. I am beginning to suspect the agency that sends us the maids is trying to get them trained by us before moving them forward to more lucrative employers... Mrs Chi was probably the owner's mother in law they wanted kept busy whereas poor Mrs Lee and I just could not communicate. It all became very clear when after a week of trying to explain to her that I would like her to cook a meal for us for our lunch... she finally brought me a brochure for a cruise ... she had to go

So ... we finally hired a Filipino maid.. and I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be able to communicate with the people around you at home... sigh... she understands me ... and what she doesn't know she can ask me and I can teach her... lets see how this one works out... Next step... time to get out and see how much I really learned from the food trails... I returned to the Pho place to see if I could order on my own and get what I wanted.. and YES I was successful... quite a delicious break was had by me...

Felt so liberated to know how to get somewhere... know what to do when I got there.. how to place an order and what to do with the order when i got it!!! yayyyy!! Progress!! Got home at a leisurely pace and thanking God it was Friday... the family will hopefully spend some quality time together and I'm trying to convince my man that we should get away for the long weekend somewhere.. will be nice to get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and just enjoy each other's company... well ...their hustle bustle.. I just seem to be waiting for them to free themselves... its different when you have worked your whole life with something or the other and then... nothing... but still waiting for inspiration and hoping something comes to light soon as to what shoes I need to wear next... lets see

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