Friday, August 17, 2012

Officially Depressed

Ok so you are probably all wondering where I disappeared to... atleast I hope there are some out there who do.... Last I wrote about the impending dinner and then I disappeared. Well first lets start there.. the dinner went really well...

was an enjoyable evening and no don't have pics of all us enjoying the evening... didn't think it would be appropriate to ask my guests to pose for my blog... kind of like people posing for the social magazines back home... wasn't a fan of that back then and certainly not now...

We did manage to get some great munchies out... in case ur wondering about that .. after all my panic...and I think the guests enjoyed the evening and food as much as we did .

It has been quite an eventful few days now that I put it into perspective.  Had a brief meetup with the cast and director of the play I auditioned for.. kind of a fake rehearsal for the sake of the press.. got a chance to meet the rest of the team... looking forward to get to know them.. have a feeling will be a very interesting experience :)

Looking forward to getting to know my director better too .. Jaime seems really passionate about theatre and I like his approach to the project... will keep you updated.. He is the one taking a pic of the two cast members above rehearsing :)

so coming back to the dinner... three of my guests were bloggers in Vietnam and we talked about how tough it is to really get news out. Journalists or anyone really trying to report anything of substance ...well can't... In a way...maybe that's why one gets a feeling of such peace here... because we don't really know what's going on. That should make me relax but with my paranoid mind and history with my work... makes me want to chomp at the bit and it takes every bit of will power to not try to push boundaries here.. but wisdom shall prevail... 

Finally had our first guest come to visit.. an old friend of ours who recently moved to Thailand same time as when we moved to Vietnam.. it was a mutual exodus.. :) was so nice to see a familiar face from home in our new home

For those of you who used to read my column in The Friday Times this is Balochi babu... if you remember I used to keep everyone's identities secret... they didn't pay me enough so now I am outing all of them.. heheheheh So we did the things friends do.. hung out... went out.. lots of laughs and late night conversations...oh btw...if you are in Ho Chi Minh.. you must check out this great place I went to with my friend.. if you like Lebanese/Turkish food.. Warda.. District 1. a bit tough to find but totally worth the effort

Great ambience and apart from the Hummus the food was fantastic... the Hummus tasted of cream more than chick peas so not sure what they did with that..

It was sad seeing Balochi babu leave... I didn't realize how much I miss my friends from back home till he left... the knowledge that someone.... anyone is just a phone call away... to drop into their home at a moment's notice... or for them to swing by... I miss that.. I hope to be able to develop those relationships here too... but obviously that takes time.. so here we are... six months into our new home and I am ... without a doubt.. officially depressed. I know I will pull out of it... but for now  I am letting my heart feel the pain it needs to feel... even that is a necessary part of transition I think

Also I took a big risk this week. Now all my experience with the performing arts has been either on stage or television.. but never have I sung in public. So I figured I had nothing to lose and went in for an audition for the International Choir of HCMC figuring.. I sounded kinda ok in the bathroom..had nothing to lose.... and to my surprise managed to get a seat at the table... Can't read music so will have to work really hard at keeping up with the rest of the gang...but looking forward to that for sure... small baby steps to rediscovering myself.. and what I can ...or as the case may be... cannot do....

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