Thursday, August 2, 2012

Russian Roulette! Trying not to PANIC!

So I finally took the bull by the horns. I figured until I don't bite the bullet and invite people over for dinner... I'm not going to get over the fear ... u know what I mean... the first time you have people a new country... new space... ok I will stop before I start hyperventilating AGAIN

Now the funny thing about fear... atleast for me... is when I am presented with a situation... I feel like I really need to meet it head on. I mean just take it all in. So this planned dinner started innocently enough... with one couple coming over... I met them at the bloggers meet and then I thought..hmm I think they would get along really well with someone else that I know... so invited another now we are up to 6 people. Then I started to panic.. and to counter that.. what do I do... Invite another couple just to make sure I am well and truly entrenched.. sort of like diving into the pool in the deep end and trying to learn how to swim. Michael Phelps would not have been impressed!

First things first... and the question I dread the most... what should be on the menu.... should it be sit down?? oh but wait... can't be sit down because there aren't enough chairs at the table... hmm that means should be something that is easy to eat... munchies... just casually placed around... I frantically flipped through Nigella Lawson's recipes and thinking of going to Jamie Oliver too... then I had another bright idea. Now common sense should tell me by now that when I have an idea.. to ignore it... but nonetheless.. I persevere if nothing be fair.. I have warned my guests to buy a supply of Alka Seltzer...

How about if I made the Burmese dish Khawswe..? I know I do a good job of its a safe bet... with noodles.. and for my friend who is not fond of spices... can make Strogonoff.. another safe delicious bet.... it means we will have to divide everyone up at two tables as this is not your easy eating meals.. definitely need to sit at a table for this... Or maybe go back to the easy eats idea... or maybe... arrrrggghhh ... well I guess the final decision will happen tomorrow... if you could give your advice that would be great.... thanks.. will let you know how this all fared.

And oh yes... gym hasn't happened at all this week :(

But Monday starts another week and I will not give up ... hopefully will get back to the gym. 

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