Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to Being Fighting Fit!!!

In case you are wondering where I disappeared to... I have this faint notion that there are people out there who actually do worry... I have been ill... what started out as what I thought was a simple cold... turned out to be a whopper bug of strong Vietnamese proportions, rendering me useless for a good two weeks. Not that I lead a very useful life at this point to begin with but you catch my drift.

What made matters worse is I tried to not be completely useless while sick and since I am on the PTO committee ... and had an important email to send out to all the parents of my concerned grade... I tried to do that in a semi comatose state. Note to self: NEVER SEND OUT MAIL WHILE SICK NO MATTER HOW FINE YOU FEEL AT THE TIME. needless to say.. I made a classic mistake... where it looked like a generic mail going out to the parents and now I look like a complete idiot.. have to have a coffee morning next week where we introduce ourselves to the parents where I shall have to make a public apology... very mortifying

On the one day where I finally felt strong enough to get out of bed and had enough cabin fever to spur me into action... my husband and decided to try a new restaurant that has just opened up in District 1. Le Steak de Saigon... and OMG!!! am so glad we went... their steaks were cooked to perfection and you can choose which sauce you want to have accompany your succulent slice of meat...

The restaurant is warm and cosy and like Le Bouchon.. has a friendly welcome ambience. They are sister restaurants run by the same people so it stands to reason that the same level of quality is to be expected... definitely worth a visit and the food was fantastic!

Finally went back for Choir practice... except that was quite an adventure...for some reason .. in my fevered brain I thought the group was meeting every week at a restaurant round the corner from the University where we practice. Since I had missed a week due to my illness I thought would be a good idea to bond with the group over a meal. I dutifully made my way down to the restaurant at 6:00 pm to join them for dinner. First of all.. the place was a nightmare to find as it was in a quaint little lane off a main road...and when I finally found it.. there was noone from the group there! I did spot a few "white/foreign" faces though and spent some time questioning all random foreign looking customers if they were there as part of the choir. Some of them had a look that hinted at calling in the men in white coats for me and i soon gave up my line of discovery of kindred spirits. 

Have to say though... the rehearsals are coming along nicely .. and even the classical piece has shaped up quite well... looking forward to our December performance. Will be a fund raiser and quite a nice evening I think. Christmas music, some classical music ... we have quite an ensemble and great voices so should be something fab. 

I hope to post tomorrow about a fantastic chicken stock that has medicinal value. It helped me get up on my feet. Wont do it today as my blog has already gone on for far too long. but it feels good to be back in the seat doing my thing again 

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