Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Ho Chi Minh

Well 2012 is drawing to an end... and its been quite an eventful year for us. We moved from Pakistan to Vietnam... started to discover Ho Chi Minh and make new friends. And here we are at Christmas time.. almost a year since we came, and its so nice to see the whole city decorated for Christmas even though Christmas doesn't seem to merit a public holiday in many establishments

The city has emptied out of a lot of our expat friends as people prefer to go home for Christmas...or for people in Pakistan or India... its cooler weather to visit in...I was amused by a friends update on Facebook where she was in a panic... she is a teacher at a school and they were in quite a tizzy...

"Just spent the last 30 minutes helping the kids collect all the atlases and globes from around the school - why? - because we have to remove all reference to the 'South China Sea' and rename it the 'East Sea' otherwise the government will 'shut us down'. Less than 12 hours and counting..."

Yes apparently logic sometimes loses its way in Vietnam too...

I have been so good... going to the gym regularly and starting to see a difference thank God... the other day I noticed a shop right next to the gym which I thought was a place to buy a SIM card for mobile phones and maybe cigarettes.. apparently it doubles up as a hairdressing salon too... have to love the place...

Now I leave you with wishes for a very merry Christmas... and a happy new year... may 2013 be a wonderful year for all of us...I leave you with a funny video which if you are from the subcontinent you may find amusing... if not... maybe just weird... either way...hope you enjoy it :) Talk to you all soon :)

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