Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't Cook... Eat out

That's right...there I said it!! and in a place like Ho Chi Minh...or Saigon...its remarkably cheap to do so... and I have discovered some wonderful places to eat at which I will of course share with you... and will continue to do so... What started me on this route to discovery is finally having the time to do nothing but mill about all day and after the initiation into Vietnamese food via my friends Vu and Barbara's food tour... thought it was time to dive into the awesomeness of food on my own. First stop...


I was invited to a ladies lunch and when we first came to the street I wondered what all the fuss was about...then I turned to my left and saw this beautiful place..ambience is fantastic... food is fabulous and prices are pretty ok. 

The menu boasts food from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam so plenty of cuisines to choose from

The address for this place is No 1, Cao Ba Nha, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1 and their contact number is +84 8 629 08899. Definitely worth a visit

Well after my experience there and realizing I didn't know anything about restaurants and cafes in HCMC... and I profess to be the Khaness of Nam... I decided it was time to rectify things. So I started a food forum which if you are in Saigon or planning to visit..ur most welcome to join. It is of course on Facebook and the link for it is Ho Chi Minh Food Forum

From there I discovered one of my favourite Vietnamese foods to eat... and you can find it at 


Ordinarily I would never have found it as its down a street that doesn't even look like a street but a driveway to an office or a house...but that's one of the things I love about never know what you will find in a street. If you go there around lunchtime which is 11 am to 1 pm max... they have great lunch deals... and my favourite dish to eat is Bun Bo Xao which is basically stir fried beef with vermicelli noodles with a dipping sauce

In fact I love it so much I actually hunted down the recipe for it... and it is incredibly easy to make and so unbelievably delicious.  The way Press Cafe does it is I suspect they barbecue their meat instead of stir frying it...which gives it extra deliciousness. They are at 14 Rhodes de Alexandre, close to the Columbia hospital

And last but not least let me leave you with another fantastic restaurant recommendation... 


This is a house that has been turned into a restaurant and has been done very tastefully. You still get the Vietnam feel yet its contemporary. The food is fantastic and prices are not bad at all. For the equivalent of $10-$20 you can eat very well for two..depending on what you order. 

So ambience is beautiful 

Food is good but it helps to know what needs to be dipped into what... and ..

...I love how they serve coconut juice... with bamboo straws ... all in all you must visit here..its hard to find.. I believe the lunch lady is around here too but I am not one for fresh pork blood dumped into my soup so I stayed clear away.. the address for here is 3/5 Hoang Sa, District 1. From the main road it looks like there are a bunch of street vendors and not much else...but venture into the enclave and there you will find this wonderful place.