Monday, September 2, 2013

Khaness of Nam is now the Texan Queen!

So you know... I moved to Texas. Houston to be exact. Since I am no longer in Vietnam it stands to good reason I change the title of my blog to The Khaness Chronicles. My life has so many twists and turns that I never know where the road may lead me.. therefore safer bet...If I thought coming to the US meant cooler weather... boy was I wrong! Houston is HOT! And not the kind of HOT as displayed in the pic below.. I mean like searing heat kind of HOT!

Aside from that Houston is NOTHING like the East Coast which I love. The East coast is pretty, its cool, street life... plenty of things to do. Houston is nothing like that. Its flat land.  No one really walks as its too hot so everyone HAS to have a car or  you are stranded! Think of Dubai meets USA but Dubai has public transport which makes Dubai better than Houston!

For those of you who have grown up in Karachi Pakistan... and have driven on the streets of Karachi... you will feel right at home. The only difference is .. they drive a lot faster here... and are totally insane! Just because someone has a left indicator blinking does not necessarily mean they want to turn left! And just because they don't have an indicator blinking does not necessarily mean they don't want to suddenly jump out right in front of you at the speed of 65 miles an hour.

And I thought Lahore drivers were nuts! I did manage to get my drivers licence. Of course I was nervous about the test despite having been driving since the age of 16 (which was a lifetime ago but lets not get into that part). Next order of business was get a job so I could afford to get a car to get to my job... see how the cycle is starting?

So in the US one cannot do anything without credit history!! I mean nothing!! so you want to buy a car? you know those unbelievable low monthly payments? yeah they don't apply to you unless you have credit history. So unless you are willing to dole out oodles of cash and buy stuff straight out... forget about it. So first order of business... establish credit history.

Its as if the whole system is designed for one to be in debt and spend one's life paying it off! Its insane!! Very frustrating for a newcomer!! Luckily I have wonderful friends who trust me enough to know I am not going to run away leaving them in debt, and so had them cosign for me... but for people who don't know anyone there.... its rough!! Best solution is ask a bank for a secure credit card... and just keep adding cash to that and build your credit that way. Forget about trying to rent a place, or get electricity or gas! Yes EVEN THAT needs credit history! Did I mention job? 

I am now a Fundraiser for Children International. My first job in the US. Loving the fact that we are able to be enablers of impacting children's lives! It really is an amazing organization and I love the work they do! Not bad to start my new life with. No idea where this will lead me but it looks like an interesting journey so far. I do miss Vietnam. I miss my friends and my life there. Certainly so much nicer living there than here... but.. this is my journey. Have to bloom where I am planted and for now this is where I am planted. Shall keep you guys posted as I discover Houston and what it has to offer. If you have any suggestions as to what I could do... please write me and let me know at or leave a comment for me! Would love to get some suggestions! till we "meet" again... ciao!