Monday, January 6, 2014

What A new Beginning Really Means... IN Houston... For ME

Well, so far living the American dream so to speak means going to work, coming home, collapsing in exhaustion and waking up the next day to repeat. In that order. I recently decided it was time to make some more friends. and so discovered this blog for expats

Expat in Houston

So will be exploring that now... hopefully that should render some fun people I can hang out with. Not to say I haven't found them... There are a few Pakistani friends I have reconnected with here in Houston and I am thankful for that. We even had a girls night out the other day which culminated in all of us hanging out in my friend's car towards the end.. as she had a flat tire.. but I digress... 

The other day I was craving Vietnamese food.. so I decided to try out this restaurant and I think I hit the jackpot. I discovered a place... that was of course pricey compared to what we are used to paying for Vietnamese food... but it was delicious and authentic.. heck of a lot better than Pho Saigon

Its located on 10830 Bellair Blvd in Houston... and yes.. this is where I will be going when I am craving Vietnamese food... I am hoping to discover another once closer to where I live.. will keep you guys posted on that

Another wonderful discovery I made is a wine lounge. Great ambience and quite a selection of wines. This is The Cellar Door in Katy and definitely a great place to hang out with friends.

The other day when I was at work I had a hankering for Turkish food..and found this little tiny space that has the best Baklava I have had in a really long time. It was sooo good that I bought a whole bunch to take back to share with my colleagues at work. But they do all kinds of food which was pretty good.. have to say I was quite impressed. This place is called Ephesus Mediterranean Grill. YUM

In case you think that all I do is stuff my face all day... I actually ventured out to watch a theatre presentation. So it was free for people to come watch and done in this very interesting art space. Everyone was plied with wine if they wanted as they watched. It was more of a reading as the actors were reading from scripts but I just loved how deconstructed everything was. Held in this very different theatre space .. I thought it was a brilliant idea.. you guys must check out The Obsidian Art Space

And before I leave you I have one more eating space to share with you. My friends know how much I love sushi.. found a great place.. its a chain... but great food.. Sushihana

Definitely worth going to. Well that's it for now from me. If any of you have any suggestions of places I should try... please do let me know... till next time..!!